Live Your Best Life Series: Mother's Day Edition with Malika Muchison


In honor of Mother's Day this year, we decided to kick off our "Live Your Best Life" blog series, where we highlight women who are living their best quality life. These amazing women share stories about business, goals and great conversation on life. When, Jhirae decided to launch her lifestyle brand, designing clothes and developing products was always the main focus - but a big part of her wanted to highlight women that she admires who wanted to encourage others by sharing their stories with the world. 

We sat down with Event Planner, Malika Muchison who is also Jhirae's older sister. Malika discusses how she lives her best quality life, balancing being a mom and starting a business along with developing an organization for Successful Single Moms. Read along for our conversation with this Successful Single Mom.


JT: Well first off, Happy Mothers's Day to you, Malika !

MM: Thank you!

JT: This is the first of our series How do you live your best quality life? How do you interpret that?

MM: I interpret living my best quality life by not having stress that's unnecessary and not being worried about things that are out of my control. I recently took on a new challenge of training my mind to think different any time I have a negative thought or think about saying something crazy. I just program myself, to say something different than what I would normally say.

JT: So, what are good ways you quickly go from a negative thought, to thinking positive that will keep you on track.

MM: My major thing is, being that i'm a mom, my daughter (Jaylah) she feeds off my energy so I have to try to stay positive to show her a good image. When I'm not in my best space, her energy tend to reflect mines. So that's one of my main reasons for staying positive and then also doing it for myself. If i'm not positive, I can't achieve or accomplish anything.

JT: So what are the accomplishments that you're currently working on ?

MM: My main goal, is to prepare my daughter for her senior prom. And my second goal is putting my vision and passion into play to starting an event planning company. I enjoy creating extraordinary events and I like to see clients expressions once there vision is brought to life. I'm so thrilled once the events are a success and I was able to allow for someone dreams to come true.

JT: Oh, that's really cool! What's the name of your event planning company?

MM: The name of my event company is Mali Special Events.

JT: So, what are some new things you have on the horizon with your company, Mali Special Events?

MM: I'm currently working on creating Flower Walls, they're such a nice touch to add to any event. Flower Walls gives a nice feature for a head table or a backdrop. I've been converting with floral vendors and designers to get educated on the best quality flowers to use for flower walls. I've learned so much over the last 6 months, I'm so eager to turn my knowledge into a success. In addition, my team and I are working on some amazing destination wedding packages that I plan to roll out in the near future.

JT: That's fantastic!! How do you balance it all with being a mom and building this amazing company? Do you have a routine that you do, that you can share with other people that maybe helpful. 

MM: One thing that I recommended is a daily devotional book, that's the first thing I grab before I start my day. I pray daily to keep conversation with the Lord, it's key for me to ask the Lord for guidance for my life. I review my day to go over what my daughter and I have on the schedule for the day. I go to my local Produce Junction twice a week and get fresh fruits and vegetables for our morning smoothies. Recently, I started making fresh green smoothies, I was introduce to a cleanse to adapt to a more healthier lifestyle. My key ingredients for my smoothies are kale, spinach and flax seeds. Fueling your body daily with quality foods gives you better energy, helps you think better and give you focus.  

 JT: I'm getting hungry just thinking about how amazing those smoothies are. Well, we're definitely looking forward to your event planning company, how can people reach out to you and what are the services that you offer now that you're getting started?

MM: You can find me on Instagram Right now, one of the services that i'm offering are (Personal Gift Shopping), it's a little bit different from your normal event planning company. From my experience everyone has a difficult time picking out that special gift. I enjoy gift giving and I'm a pretty good gift giver, so I've been told! I did a special Mother's Day Gift Guide on my Instagram to prepare my Successful Single Mom's Blog (SSM) . SSM is an organization where I show single moms ways to be successful mentally, financially and being a better overall parent to build better lives for our children. I live my lifestyle as a Successful Single Mom in Christ, being that i'm a Christian I want to share my experience and my take on how being a single mom, a  christian and successful work together to form the perfect me.

JT: That all sounds amazing and can't wait to check everything out. Since, you're such an amazing gift giver. For our readers out there, what's are your 3 best mothers' day gift, you recommend that are must haves. 


1. Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas everyone needs to get there. It's the best place a mom can go relax, unwind and refresh.

2. The Plaza Cuff, it's a beautiful piece of jewelry that I really love and it makes a statement for your arm party.

3. The Valentino PVC Rock Slides, would be the most supreme gift.



JT: Good choices! So who are 3 moms you look up to and why?

MM: #1 would be my mom, she made motherhood look like it was super easy. She's like an all supreme woman that I look up to and admire, not because she's my mom, also because of her strength and her passion about mothering. My second person is Monica (the singer), I admire how she travels and raises her children, how she shows that she can be a successful and loving caring mom all-in-one. My third one is my cousin Dakeeta, she is an all-time mom she does her thing and keeps up with her children, she's way more than a Momager, she's more like a CEO, but for moms, she's the (MomEO). 

JT: Amazing women! Okay, what is your favorite mother's day memory.

MM: My favorite mother's day memory was me spending time with my family in New Jersey, right outside of New York City. We had a fabulous suite, beautiful breakfast, and just a beautiful day. And to top it off, we were right across the road from my favorite department store, Century 21. It was simple, but it was doing things I really enjoy, which spending time with mom, my family and shopping. 

JT: That was a fun memorable Mother's Day! To close it out what is a quote that you live by or 3 words that you live by that encourage you to live your best quality life. 

MM: It's a personal quote I created and it's the first time I'm sharing this with anyone.

"I don't measure my success by material objects, I measure success with - is it align with God's will for your life" - Malika Muchison


 For more from Malika, please visit her on Instagram and be sure to follow her for updates. 

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