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Here's what we currently have going on...

Jhirae previously did an overhaul on the brand, which caused some new exciting changes we're so excited about! After launching Jhirae Talmadge, the lifestyle brand, we felt free to be ourselves as a brand. There are so many elements to Jhirae Talmadge the brand and the person. We knew having a lifestyle brand would give us the opportunity to curate and develop a wide arrange of amazing product for you, our customers.

So here's what we've been up to:

The New Fall 2018 Collection

We are currently in the process of developing Trouser9's Fall/Winter 2018 Collection. Jhirae and her design team are working constantly on making sure every detail and construction is perfected for the new collection. With constant communication between the technical design team, pattern makers and manufactures - I think this new collection will be well received by style taste-makers and the everyday woman.

"I'm mostly excited to finally released a collection and a full body of work. Although, it's a small capsule collection, I think it will be received well by our consumer and they will really start to get to know us and our brand much better" - Jhirae Talmadge

With this collection, "Cool City Girl" our customer should expect luxury inspired essentials and settle statement pieces. We're using rich knit fabrics and amazing textured wovens that will either compliment or update your current wardrobe. Either way it will be a win/win!



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